Architectural Lighting Design

Our Architectural Lighting team is passionate about illumination.

Our architectural lighting team members, in Canada, are captivated by the nature of light to influence our sleep-wake cycle and the circadian rhythms to which we are bound, its ability to elicit from us a subconscious and emotional response, and its powerful nature to transform the built environment.

The lighting team are from creative design backgrounds; each has a talent for visualising space and their own unique skills in helping our clients do the same. Because we are designers at heart, we communicate visually through sketching and imagery, working in close partnership with the project architecture and design teams to integrate and align architectural lighting concepts with the overall project vision from the very early stages.

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Each specialist lighting project presents a unique set of challenges and opportunities. In response, we strive to deliver outcomes for each client which are individual, innovative and technically robust, working closely with our electrical engineering team to deliver a dynamic balance between creative lighting concepts and innovative, practical solutions.

Through a process of visual planning, we work expressively with our palette of light; colour temperature, optical distribution, texture, intensity, contrast, form, and most importantly – lighting’s most seductive aspect – darkness and shadow.

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