Information Communication

What is ICT Services?

Information Communication & Technology is a keystone of everyday life and we are demanding more data, more mobility and the under pinning tone is a need for intuitive ICT delivery in connecting people with information. A building’s functionality supports those activities by connecting people with rooms & spaces.

Information Communication & Technology within building services

Is focused on achieving optimal operational outcomes for building infrastructure by ensuring the design process for items such as communications rooms, Wi-Fi, data outlets, security, MDAS and fibre cabling capture operational ICT plans and architecture. Building systems are chosen for their functionality, reliability and compatibility with other systems. Solutions integration planning is critical to ensure building technology systems work together harmoniously and with the least impact on the environment.

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We provide the following Information Communication & Technology (ICT) Services:


  • Wireless predictive and installed surveys
  • Wi-Fi Design
  • Wi-Fi access point locations
  • Mobile Phone 3G/4G coverage survey
  • Mobile Phone coverage design (Digital antenna both internal & external)
  • Radio Frequency Identification (RFiD)
  • Cabling
  • Video surveillance (Facial recognition, People counting)
  • Security (Access control, Intruder alarms, Duress)
  • Property Management systems (Hotels, Nursing homes, Campus)
  • Car Parking (payment stations, exit points)
  • Point of Sale (Retail, Supermarkets, restaurants, admissions, etc.)
  • Nurse Call Patient Monitoring
  • Audio Visual Signage (Way-finding shopping centres, airports, transport)
  • Video On Demand (Netflix, Cable TV)
  • Internet Access (Guests, public spaces, private networks)


  • Fibre Networks (GPON) Design
  • Data cabling networks Design(Cat5/6/7, Wi-Fi, Fibre)

Computer Rooms

  • Design (space, power, heating, cooling, access control, fire)
  • Active equipment planning (Racking, location, redundancy)
  • Network planning
  • Operational technology planning for existing and greenfield sites
  • Project Management (Installation & commissioning)
  • Systems integration design
  • Comparative system reviews
  • Systems Integration Review
  • Business continuity (Technology within Building services)
  • Peer review and advice


  • Access Control
  • Intruder alarms & lock down zones
  • Video surveillance
  • Intercommunications
  • Fixed duress
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