Mechanical Engineering Services

Lepton Engineering Services team are passionate about efficiency, reliability and thermal comfort. With mechanical services being the largest single use of energy in Canadian buildings, it is our duty to ensure that our clients are equipped with the most sustainable solutions to suit their needs.

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Our Mechanical Consulting Engineering team are proficient in the design of the following systems:

  • Central energy plants
  • Chilled water systems
  • DX & VRF equipment
  • VAV systems
  • Displacement ventilation
  • Dedicated outdoor air processing units
  • Heat recovery ventilation
  • Economy cycles
  • Active humidity control
  • Co & Trigeneration plant design & feasibility studies
  • Night-sky cooling systems
  • Earth pipe passive cooling
  • In-slab hydronic heating and cooling
  • Ground-source heat pumps
  • Seawater heat rejection
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